A queer platonic relationship can go by many code names. Sometimes gender specific, they can be called bromances, Boston marriages, or romantic friendships, but they are all the same. A queer platonic relationship is defined in the Urban Dictionary as an adjective that describes an intimate and intense relationship that is considered outside the normalcy of a friendship. It is a strong bond characterized by love, but not of a romantic type. Although to onlookers it may appear to be so. It may or may not have overtones of sexuality or eroticism, the cornerstone of a queer platonic relationship, is that neither party, even if they have feelings, ever acts on them. A severe and deep emotional connection, it has very little to do with definitions of sexual orientation or committed intimacy. What do I mean by that? In a queer platonic relationship, the intensity and intimacy that you share with one of your friends provides you with more security and fulfillment than you get with the person you are committed to, married to, and having sexual relationships with. Not about sexual arousal, they are simply someone who completes you.

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As a non-romantic relationship, people in a queerplatonic relationship are not restricted to have just one queerplatonic partner “QP” or “QPP”. For example, some of the social norms for friendship, in some cultures, dictate that friendships are emotionally shallow compared to romance, are fleeting, short-term, or noncommited, and do not involve partnership ties. Social norms for romantic relationships dictate that romantic relationships will always be more important than friendships, that romantic partners should move in together and coordinate their lives together as a monogamous pair, and that only romantic partners should adopt, raise children, or even engage in certain forms of affection such as kissing or hand-holding.

In her book Minimizing marriage , contemporary philosopher Elizabeth Brake talks about those norms, a concept that is adverse to queerplatonic thought, naming it ” amatonormativity “: “the disproportionate focus on marital and amorous love relationships as special sites of value, and the assumption that romantic love is a universal goal. Amatonormativity consists in the assumption that a central, exclusive, amorous relationship is normal for humans, in that it is a universally shared goal, and that such a relationship is normative, in that should be aimed at in preference to other relationship types.

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It’s Time to Start Treating Asexual and Aromantic People Like the Adults We Are

Two people meet, fall in love, get married, have children and live happily ever after. Sounds interesting? While this may sound interesting to many, there are some who will find the concept of love and romance too fascinating to be true. To put it in simple words, these are the people who find it extremely difficult to develop any kind of romantic feeling towards others.

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Aromantic Platonic Queerplatonic Dating Checklist

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Aromantic Asexual is a person who experiences little or no romantic attraction to others. According to Asexual Community Census data: There are about , people are aromantic asexuals which would be As well as 18,, aromantic asexuals in 73 million asexuals worldwide which approximately one percent of the human population. Aromantics are often satisfied with friendships and other non-romantic relationships. Aromantic asexual people still have emotions and a desire to connect to others.

They value relationships and want and need and enjoy friendship and family. Many of Aromantic asexual people want to have a life partner or partners. They just don’t feel romantic love or attraction. When an aromatic get’s into a relationship that’s more than friends, but less than romantic, that is known as a queerplatonic relationship. Asexuality is not celibacy or abstinence. If you choose not to have sex because of religious reasons, personal reasons, health reasons, or whatever, but you still experience sexual attraction to others, you are celibate.

You cannot choose to be asexual.

Queer heterosexuality

You could use this with friends, too! Please message me for the link. We will be using the jitsi platform which is more privacy-conscious than either Discord or Zoom: info.

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Link to original author on AO3: TheGenderfluid dekuharem. Send to Friend.

Aromantic Asexual

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“Male masochism disavows a masculinity predicated on phallic mastery, and hence becomes a strategic site for queer heterosexual resistance to heteronormativity.

Lots of different ways. Queerplatonic relationships are so important. Cuddles on the sofa while watching a favorite show. Intense discussions about the plot twist in a book. Holding hands under the table while drinking tea and admiring the veiw from the window. Not feeling obligated to be happy all the time. Feeling free to cry and talk about the difficulties of life. Oogling over adorable animal pictures together. Quiet evenings spent simply existing in the same space, doing separate activities.

The emotional investment in queerplatonic relationships is so incredibly beautiful.

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By jenjenna, March 27, in Asexual Relationships. I have never met anyone who even understands what queerplatonic is. Everybody wants either sexual or at least romantic relationship. I’d don’t mind romanticism in small amounts, but what I really crave is a relationship that’s more like a deep friendship with maybe some occasional kisses, cuddles etc. It’s so hard to find!!

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Cuddling in public:. Kissing forehead, cheek, etc in public:. Kissing mouth queerplatonic public:. Aromantic holding in public:. Other affectionate touch in public:. Eye gazing:. Crying on:. Being cried on:. Massage giving:.

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