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New Dating Site Pairs People Who Believe In Aliens, Ghosts

While most CEOs tend to choose their words carefully. Unfortunately, how he handles himself over the next while could make or break his companies, as they move from being upstarts to established players in highly competitive industries, reports Business Insider. He later said that the pyramids were not evidence of aliens visiting earth. He was very emphatic about this:. But for an AI, there will be no death — it would live forever. And then you would have an immortal dictator from which we could never escape.

Could these out of place artifacts be physical evidence of extraterrestrials visiting planet Earth in the distant past, leaving behind remnants of their technology?

Across square miles of flat earth, the hard red soil is broken only by a series of strange furrows. The majority span just a foot or so of dry ground. But they are long. Some trenches go on for as much as 30 miles , slicing great parallel lines across the desert. And some seem to follow no discernible pattern at all. The first travelers who stumbled upon them in the s thought they were the remnants of roads — vast, complicated roads from a bygone civilization.

They were a set of massive images, symbols carved into the earth, so big that they were unrecognizable from ground level. Aliens are a popular choice for their helpers. Others say the Nazca built the lines themselves but with extraterrestrial instructions, perhaps to create landing strips and runways for alien spacecraft, or to attract aliens with images big enough to be visible from space. As evidence, fans of the alien theory point to some of the more unusual Nazca biomorphs — the name for the etchings that depict forms found in nature, like humans, insects, birds, fish, trees, and flowers.

As a result, archeologists have found a number of well-preserved bodies — sometimes in unusual conditions. Then, too, there was the mysterious three-fingered mummy, which made a splash in June of as excited researchers announced their belief that this latest body might not be human at all. Wikimedia Commons The elongated skulls of the Paracas, an ancient civilization that slightly predated the Nazca in the Rio Grande de Nasca river basin.

8 Unsolved Mysteries of Machu Picchu

A new study, one of very few of its kind, finds that people typically respond quite positively to the notion of life on other planets. The study investigated the possibility of finding microbial extraterrestrials , not intelligent E. Nevertheless, he noted, large portions of people believe that intelligent aliens do exist and that they’ve visited Earth; so even a more dramatic announcement might not ruffle feathers. We’re not going to have chaos in the streets.

“Ancient astronauts” (or “ancient aliens”) refers to the pseudoscientific idea that intelligent extraterrestrial beings visited Earth and made contact with humans in.

The project closed in and we have no information on sightings after that date. Air Force and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to identify these documents. The Truman and Eisenhower Libraries have also searched their holdings for any references to, or copies of, the documents. The memorandum, one page, refers to a briefing to take place on July The memorandum does not identify MJ or the purpose of the briefing. Textual records of Project BLUE BOOK the documentation relating to investigations of unidentified flying objects , excluding names of people involved in the sightings, are now available for research in the National Archives Building.

The records include approximately 2 cubic feet of unarranged project or administrative files, 37 cubic feet of case files in which individual sightings are arranged chronologically, and 3 cubic feet of records relating to the Office of Special Investigations OSI , portions of which are arranged chronologically, by OSI district, and by overseas command.

The Sims 4 Aliens (Get to Work)

And you thought that Farmers Only was a super specific dating site? It ain’t got nothin’ on ParanormalDate. Michelle Heart can pick on me all she wants for believe that a UFO really did crash in Roswell and that Area 51 holds some serious secrets about life existing beyond this planet, but I’m clearly not the only one that believes that! If you grew up with your grandpa listening to AM radio, you may have heard a show called Coast to Coast come on late at night after gramps fell asleep.

The show’s host, George Noory, is fascinated by the paranormal.

M ratings. Download. Neuroscience is The brain studying itself – Ancient Aliens – Crazy History Channel Guy Taylor Swift. More information. Find this Pin.

Artificial metallic objects dating back hundreds of thousands of years. New discoveries of metals once thought to be mythological. Mysterious metal spheres defying the laws of physics. Could these out of place artifacts be physical evidence of extraterrestrials visiting planet Earth in the distant past, leaving behind remnants of their technology? Tsoukalos travel to Romania to take a closer look at an ancient aluminum wedge that has left historians baffled.

And investigative journalist, Linda Moulton Howe, travels to Jacksonville, Florida to uncover the secrets of a strange metallic sphere that fell from the sky and garnered the attention of the U.

Sexy Beasts

A dating app with a twist. Accidentally abducted. No way home. Can love be the answer?

Humanity would likely be more excited than frightened at the discovery of alien life.

Dating sites and apps often make users take personality questionnaires about their interests. But what if your pastimes include discussing paranormal activity? Enter The Amazing Kreskin’s Supernatural Dating Society , which helps paranormal enthusiasts find similar-minded companions. The site’s year-old founder, the Amazing Kreskin himself, spoke to Cosmopolitan about the site , which he says provides users with “a way to express themselves, and not feel embarrassed or humiliated or like they’re a kook.

Kreskin explained that after his mentalist shows, people would often tell him they wanted to find others to accompany them in exploring allegedly haunted sites, and his website will allow users with similar paranormal interests, whether that means mind control or UFOs, to connect. In the Cosmopolitan interview, he also offered up some sage dating advice, suggesting that people “put the damn cell phone away” and have actual conversations with one another.

Unfortunately, Kreskin himself plans to stay single: He told Cosmopolitan that he only takes four days off each month, so he doesn’t have much time for a relationship. Meet the dating site for people who believe in UFOs.

Ancient Aliens

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A parody Facebook event invited users to storm Area 51 to see aliens, which incited a huge meme response.

Despite the fact that Machu Picchu was built over years ago, with no mortar used to hold together its stones, and sits up a mountain — on an earthquake fault! Located 50 miles from Cusco, Machu Picchu measures an incredible square miles in the Peruvian Andes, some 7, feet above sea level. In Yale archeologist Hiram Bingham and a small team of seven set out to find the lost city of Vilcabamba, but would soon find themselves led to one of the most fascinating places the world had never known.

Dating back to at least the 14th century, it is now considered a Wonder of the Modern World. Even with the latest in 21st technology, scientists are baffled as to how Incas built this city without steel, mortar, or wheels. Who Called Machu Picchu Home? Scholars can find no reference of Machu Picchu in Inca literature or folklore. So, a natural question arises: who actually lived in this city?

Although archeologists believe Machu Picchu could have supported a population of about , only about skeletons have been discovered at the site. This low population number, along with the fact that many of the stone buildings appear to be religious abodes, has led some scholars to believe Machu Picchu was solely built for spiritual and ceremonial purposes , perhaps a city for the dead. Due to its proximity to Cusco, some archeologists contend this city was a retreat for nobles from the demands of city life.


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